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Design Studios is a technology company that understands the retail industry and works with several large box corporations and individually owned establishments. POS installation and integration services are one of the many valuable services we offer.

With an expertise in hardware from scanners, bluetooth, stations, printers and the software, Design Studios will be able to point you to the right solutions for your needs, install the system(s) and maintain them. We understand that technology is not on the forefront of your mind, but when phones, credit card machines or POS systems and computer systems go down, it becomes a priority.

Design Studios offers several services to the retail industry, and our most popular among our customers is DSManagedServices. It provides your organization with the proper engineers and technicians to maintain, repair, install, manage, design and document your corporate computer network appropriately. Our service offering works as a sole provider of technology support in the event of a disruption of service on your telephones, internet service, telephone service, POS systems, computers, credit card terminals, video surveillance, video displays and audio systems. One number is all you need in the event of a emergency, or for any technology questions you may have.

Design Studios also provides internet service to many of our retail customers, as our service offering is typically 20 - 40% less than the big guys. DSInternetService Cable, DSL, T1, OC3, Wireless Internet, WiMax or Satellite Broadband, Design Studios will provide a solution that is right for your telecommunication needs while providing best in class service. We not only will help you find the right solution for your needs but we will also test the current wiring, make repairs if needed, move jacks and add additional jacks to ensure all of your staff have access to the service.

We have found that most retail customers are paying too much for basic telephone service and we are typically able to provide a more feature rich and higher call quality for less. DSVoIP services are an essential part of lowering your telecommunication expenses while increasing flexibility, usability, features and profitability. Whether you are looking for a multi-phone ring, auto attendant, prerecorded commercials on hold, caller ID, paging, inbound and outbound traffic reporting for marketing, we can deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.

Our retail customers have found our disaster recovery services to be imperative to their businesses because South Florida is prone to power outages and natural disasters. DSDisasterRecovery will provide you with a plan to get your business back up and running in the most efficient and secure manner in the event of a natural disaster, hardware or software failure, theft, accidents or any other scenario. This will insure that the disaster has the least amount of impact on your bottom line.

DSInstallation and DSIntegration services provides your business with the peace of mind that all of your internal technology-related assets are installed correctly and integrated with your network properly, allowing the hardware, software or applications to be used to their full potential. Installation and integration services also include the installation of computers, firewalls, servers, switches, T.V., controlled access systems, audio, paging, telephone, wifi, video surveillance and POS systems.

In today's environment, security is not only to prevent theft in the store, but also to secure your credit card terminal, back office network and private information of your customers and employees. DSSecurityProtection offers your company the protection from outside intruders, viruses, Malware, data control, user rights, e-mail monitoring, inbound / outbound file transfer control, security protocol and PCI (credit card) compliance.

DSBackup, DSCollocation, and DSHosting services all work together seamlessly or independently to provide protection of your data, information, applications, software and other essential technology resources needed to operate your business on a daily bases. No longer will you have to worry about what will happen to the information on your computers, servers and workstations if the machine is stolen, damaged or lost. The data will be available to build and identical machine in minutes. The backup process is automatic and scheduled.

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