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Property Management
DS Internet Service - reliable flexible internet
DS VoIP - reduce telephone costs
DS Managed Services - let us reduce your IT overhead
DS Backup - protect your important data

Design Studios is a technology company that understands and works with commercial and residential property management companies. Whether you are looking to provide internet service, phone service or secure workstations for your tenants, low voltage wiring, project management, audio, video displays, surveillance systems, network design, network installation, network maintenance and network support, we can help. Design Studios is a complete A to Z solution provider for your tenants and your corporate environment.

Design Studios' internet services or DSInternet includes Cable, DSL, T1, OC3, Wireless Internet, WiMax or Satellite Broadband, from (1.54mbps - 100mbps). We not only will help you find the right solution for your property, but we will also test the current wiring, make repairs if needed, move jacks and add additional jacks to ensure all your tenants and staff have access to the service.

Design Studios can also help provide a program for your management firm to offer internet services to your tenants, creating an additional stream of revenue. We can provide this service as wireline, wireless, or a combination of both.

Providing the right type of telephone service to your guests and to your staff is important to the property's profitability. DSVoIP services will lower your telecommunication expenses while increasing flexibility, usability, features and profitability. Design Studios provides our property management customers with a program for your management firm to offer telephone services to your tenants to create an additional stream of revenue. It's easy, automated and integrated with your bookkeeping software.

DSManagedServices provides your organization with the proper engineers and technicians to maintain, repair, install, manage, design and document your corporate computer network appropriately. Our service offering works as a sole provider of technology support or with your internal technical resources to provide support in the event of an emergency, project or work flow increase. DSAssetManagement and DSDocumentation are services that are imperative to the property management industry and are included in DSManagedServices.

DSBackup, DSCollocation, and DSHosting services all work together seamlessly or independently to provide protection of your data, information, applications, software and other essential technology resources needed to operate your business on a daily basis.

DSDisasterRecovery will provide you with a plan to get your business back up and running in the most efficient and secure manner in the event of a natural disaster, hardware or software failure, theft, accidents or any other scenario.

DSInstallation and DSIntegration services provide your corporation with the peace of mind that all of your internal technology related assets are installed correctly and integrated with your network properly, allowing the hardware, software or applications to be used to their full potential. Installation and Integration services also include the installation of T.V., controlled access systems, audio, paging, telephone, wifi and video surveillance throughout the property.

DSSecurityProtection offers your company the protection from outside intruders, viruses, Malware, data control, user rights, e-mail monitoring, inbound / outbound file transfer control and security protocol.

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