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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

DS Installation - we can install it all
DS Repair - let us fix it
DS Integration
DS Network Design

Design Studios provides installation, repair and integration services for OEM of hardware, software and components. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly engineers provide on-site services from rack-and-stack, wiring, configuration services, networking, trouble shooting, installation, de-installation, and inspections.

Design Studios engineers are also able to handle forklift upgrades, multi-location implementations, warranty service and same day services. Our project managers will take the project from design, planning, implementation, training to success testing.

Design Studios can install your product properly, on-time and professionally, every time. DSInstallation services provide your customers with the professional engineers for their project without your of client's internal resources being exhausted. Design Studios will also integrate your solution.

DSIntegration services is one of our most important offering as maximizing the features and utilizing the solution to its full potential is imperative to customer satisfaction.

DSRepair services are available in the event of a customer installation gone wrong, or an uncompleted project by an outside vender. Should pre or post-sales network design services br needed, Design Studios can provide the services. Our expertise is in a wide range of technologies and environments. Our engineers will be able to provide a solution that not only fits your client's needs, environment and budget, but also utilizes industry best practices. DSNetworkDesign services are available remotely, or on-site.

DSInstallation, DSIntegration, DSRepair and DSNetworkDesign and are billed at either an hourly rate or project base. We are able to perform these tasks on the same day in most cases. If you are looking for a network integrator that can provide best in class service, delivers "best practices" on all projects, and believes a task is not complete until the customer's expectations have been met, we would like to work with you.

Design Studios coverage is worldwide; no project is too small, too large or too complex for our project managers, engineers and technicians.

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