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Design Studios has been providing electronic installation and integration in the marine industry for over a decade. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly engineers provide on-site services from design, installation, repair and maintenance of marine electronic systems including but not limited to: GPS, Navigation Systems, Radar, Wifi, Satellite broadband, Video, Audio, Entertainment, Security, Cable Testing, Cable Certification, Vessel Network, Vessel Management Software, Security Systems, Cellular and VSAT.

Design Studios provides installation, repair and integration services of hardware, software and components. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly engineers provide on-site services and over the phone consulting for vessels and marinas. If you are out to sea, or have travelled out of South Florida, this is no problem.

We stand ready to fix equipment to ensure your vessel is always operating properly. Most marine electricians cant perform the electronics and computer service we can, and most computer consultants cant perform the testing and certification that we can. We have worked on Yachts up to 152 feet integrating the GPS, electronics, computer, vessel management, and internet service. We can bring the project from conception to fruition with minimal impact to the vessel.

DSInstallation services provide you with the right technician(s) to install your marine electronics properly. Our technicians are experienced with most manufacturers, products and solutions. Our installation team will ensure that we leave the vessel in better condition than we found it, the installed electronics working properly and that you are satisfied with the installation. Design Studios will also integrate your solution.

DSIntegration services is one of our most important offering as maximizing the features and utilizing the solution to its full potential is imperative to customer satisfaction. Our technicians understand the complexities of merging several technologies on a vessel. Our integration team works closely with our installation team and will not leave till the solution is working properly and we have documented the installation and trained the crew on the new hardware and application.

DSRepair services are available in the event of a customer installation gone wrong or an uncompleted project by another vender. In the event that pre or post sales network design services are needed Design Studios can provide the services. Our expertise is in a wide range of technologies and environments, our engineers will be able to provide a solution that not only fits your vessel’s needs, environment and budget but also utilizes industry best practices.

DSInstallation, DSIntegration, DSRepair and DSNetworkDesign and are billed at either an hourly rate, or byproject basis. We are able to perform these tasks on the same day in most cases. If you are looking for a network integrator that can provide best in class service, delivers “best practices” on all projects and believes a task is not complete until the customer’s expectations have been met, we would like to work with you.

Design Studios coverage is worldwide. No project is too small, too large or too complex for our project managers, engineers and technicians.

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