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Internet & Telephone Service Providers (ISP)

DS Installation - we can install it all
DS Network Design - don't know how to build it? Ask us
DS Repair - We can fix your customers equipment with guaranteed SLAs

With an extensive understanding of the business needs of Internet Service Providers, Design Studios has been providing network integration work for ISPs since 2001. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly engineers provide on-site services from rack-and-stack, wiring, jack installation, trouble shooting, loop back testing, smart jack repair / testing, edge device (router, firewall & switch) installation, configuration, routing tables, trouble shooting, de-installation and inspections.

Design Studios engineers are also able to handle punch downs, line testing, cat5 and cat6 cabling. Design Studios has extensive experience and is the preferred provider for WiMax, Radio and Satellite installations, service, site surveys and troubleshooting for wireless internet service providers in South Florida.

Our services are utilized by a majority of tier 1 internet and telephone service providers in South Florida because our engineers and technicians are courteous to your customers, patient and thorough. We do not leave until the problem has been resolved and the customer has been informed of what causedthe problem (if an issue was present), as well as how to operate and maintain their technology.

DSInstallation services are available nationwide with same day or next day services available in most major markets. Our technicians all carry a complete installation kit which includes a laptop, linemens kit, metric hand tools, standard hand tools, cat5e cable, cat6e cable, punch down kit, line testers, loopback testers, power and continuity testers, crimpers, jacks, face plates, first aid kit and more.

DSIntegration services are an essential part of the installation process; our technicians will ensure that the hardware, service and applications are working seamlessly before leaving the site. The technician will also show the customer how to operate and maintain their new hardware, service or application.

DSNetworkDesign services are available on-site or remote. Our design service will ensure that the solution will integrate properly in the network and design a LAN or WAN environment to meet the needs of the client.

DSRepair services are available in the event of a failure. Our thorough technicians will inspect the environment, determine the cause of the issue and provide a remedy to the issue. Once the repair is complete, our technician will provide proper documentation on the repair, including recommendations for preventive measures to be taken to avoid having a similar issue. These services are billed at either an hourly rate or project base. We are able to perform these tasks on the same day in most cases.

If you are looking for a network integrator that can provide best in class service, delivers “best practices” on all projects, and believes a task is not complete until the customer’s expectations have been met, we would like to work with you.

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