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Micro Business / Home Based Business

DS VoIP - reduce telephone costs
DS Internet Service - reliable flexible internet
DS Installation - we can install it all

Design Studios has been working with micro and home-based businesses since 2001. We have the expertise in helping ensure you make the right technology purchases to easily grow your infrastructure.

Because Design Studios once was a micro-business, we understand budget limitations. We will help you achieve your goals, and leave room for growth, while not spending all of your capital. Design Studios will provide a completely customized technology solution to fit your needs.

We know that many micro and home-based businesses rely on friends and family or a local "computer guy" to provide technical support. Rather than relying on a single IT resource, you can place your trust in DSRepair services. Our qualified and professional engineers will come on-site to document your network, and repair any issues you are having. Once we have your network documented, our engineers will be ready with the proper documentation to resolve the issue. It is not necessary to pay for a learning curve every time you need a repair.

DSVoIP services are an essential part of lowering your telecommunication expenses while increasing flexibility, usability and features. With DSVoIP you will not only realize a cost savings for telephone service (including cell phone integration) but the quality of service and expandability of the phone system will exceed your expectations. DSVoIP provides features that are often used in micro businesses such as: auto attendant, conferencing, music on hold, commercial on hold, call forwarding, multi phone ring, plug and play relocation and ease of operation.

DSAnswers ensures that a professional will always answer your inbound phone calls 24x7x365, so you do not miss a potential client.

DSInternetService complements our Voice over IP offering extremely well. Whether you are looking for cable, DSL, T1, Wireless Internet, WiMax or satellite broadband, Design Studios will provide a solution that is right for your telecommunication needs while providing best in class service. Our internet service offering is typically 20-30% less that the big guys!

DSInstallation and DSIntegration services provide you with the peace of mind that all your new technology purchased will be installed and configured correctly.

DSBackup is a program that auto backups your important files on your computer remotely when you are connected to the internet. You no longer have to worry about losing all your Quickbook files, emails and other documents.

DSSecurityProtection offers your company the protection from outside intruders, viruses and Malware.

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